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Once upon a time, the famed American dream included a nuclear family which consisted of a wife who stayed at home caring for the house and the family’s 2.5 kids, a dog — preferably a golden retriever — and a white picket fence that enclosed a large, suburban home with a lush, verdant lawn. Oh, how times have changed!

Fast forward to today, and the American dream is still alive and well, albeit slightly different. Since its inception during the earliest days of the colonies, the American dream has experience several changes. Today, the classic nuclear family — including the dog — and a big, doll-like house in the suburb has been replaced by metropolitan townhomes and condos. Sure, houses are still quite popular, but why buy a house when buying a townhome or buying a condominium offers all of the same benefits without all the hassle?

At one time townhomes and condos were considered glorified apartments, whereas a house in the suburbs was a sign of “having made it”. However, townhomes and condos are far from being inferior to homes. In fact, many new and former homeowners prefer owning and living in townhomes and condos over traditional standalone homes due to the sheer convenience and freedom they provide.

For example, one of the greatest advantages of owning a condo or townhome have your lawn taken care of for you. This often includes snow removal as well. Imagine sitting inside and sipping on a frosty glass of ice tea while your home-owning neighbors struggle to maintain their lawns in summer’s sizzling heat. In addition, most homeowner’s association fees include the care and maintenance of the exterior of the townhouse or condo, this includes painting, power washing, re-shingling, and re-paving driveway or parking spaces.

Aside from easy-breezy maintenance, perhaps one of the greatest benefits of owning condos and townhouses is the sense of community. Many condo and townhouse communities provide top-notch amenities such as fitness centers, golf courses, pools, basketball and tennis courts, playgrounds and recreation areas. This can make getting to know your neighbors and others in the community much easier and much less intimidating than moving into a new neighborhood.

Last but not least, there’s the financial aspect. Typically speaking, townhomes and condos are often more affordable than standalone houses. Sure, you’ll have to pay homeower’s association fees, however, these costs are often far less than the yearly maintenance costs standalone homeowners pay in repairs.


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