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Mass transit seating solutions

So, what’s the first thing that comes to mind when you sit down in a comfortable seat? Is it the texture of the material or how nice it smells? Do you prefer a smooth slate grey or something more splashy, like the highlighter pinks and blues you often see on older buses? Something as simple as resting on the transit on your way to work or getting cozy before you watch a movie in the theater can mean the difference between a good experience and a bad story you type up later on Facebook. People from all walks of life rely on proper accommodation daily and if you’re starting a new business or are providing to others’, make sure you avoid these common manufacturer pitfalls — proper mass transit seating solutions from geotextile manufacturers can mean the difference between happy customers and a business with a poor reputation!

What’s The Big Deal About Seating, Anyway?

Aircraft fabric suppliers work closely alongside flight companies for many reasons. Millions of people fly per year and it’s estimated that eight million alone go from place to place by plane each day. That leaves a lot of room for potential compliments or complaints when it comes to seating. People come from many different backgrounds and need to be reasonably accommodated when they’re getting from point A to point B — while a recent poll found that around 20% of customers picked window seats, another 20% picked aisle seats. Entirely different solution will be required if a customer has a disability or is bringing their children along. Did you know that it was around thirty percent of Americans who admitted that comfortable seating is what they want most out of their flight? If it’s not comfortable seating, it’s legroom, which factored for a whopping forty percent of airline passenger complaints. Automotive fabric suppliers are nothing to sneeze at in the search for the best mass transit seating solutions!

What Is The Solution?

Make sure the manufacturers you contact pay close attention to seat pitch, width range and, of course, appropriate textiles. Commercial fabric can only do so much if you don’t apply it correctly. Don’t neglect your movie-going audience, either! The film industry only gets bigger every year, with demographic population shifts increasing, rather than reducing, its mainstream spending power. Nobody wants to sit in an itchy seat for two hours while they’re watching the sequel to their favorite series, so turn to industry standard spun bond fabrics when looking for textile solutions. Woven polyester comes in multiple styles, ranging from soft to firm depending on common customer preference. Whatever mass transit seating solutions or industrial textile you choose, make sure it’s one that properly reflects your customer demographic!

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