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Best custom bathroom cabinets

So the time has come to sell your house. Or perhaps you’re just tired of the mid-70s theme that the previous owners used in their interior design. Whether you’ve hired a contractor or you’re doing it yourself, the time has come to remodel your bathroom.

A bathroom remodel or addition can add value to your home, and is one of the most influential factors for purchasers. At certain points, bathrooms have been shown to be as important, if not more important, than kitchens or bedrooms when purchasing a home. The 2015 Cost vs. Value report shows that most people are able to see a 70% return on their investment on a bathroom remodel.

So what should you be considering when you remodel your bathroom?

  1. Replace the old with the best custom bathroom cabinets you can afford. These days, what tends to date kitchens, bathrooms, and houses in general, is the cabinetry and appliances. That’s why the US Cabinet and Vanity Industry is a multi-billion dollar industry that employs almost 100,000 people nationwide.

    The best custom bathroom cabinets will adapt to the footprint of the existing bathroom. This allows you to maximize your storage space without having to change the structural integrity of the house, and will ultimately save or make you more money. Custom wood cabinets give a touch of elegance to a remodel.

    Be thoughtful when purchasing the best bathroom cabinets. The best custom bathroom cabinets should accentuate and compliment the rest of the fixtures that you choose, or already have installed, but don’t go overboard. Buyers overall don’t necessarily look for custom cabinetry that are pre-fabricated for appliances.

  2. Let there be light. A well-lit bathroom can make a world of difference. You want to create a space where someone can really attend to their personal hygiene. It’s sure to really show off, and at the same time, offset the custom wood cabinet cost.

    When remodeling a bathroom, you want to make sure that you spend money where you need to, but save where you can. Proper lighting will make the room appear brighter and refreshed, but be easier on the wallet than changing the plumbing or the fixtures.

  3. Put your foot down. Keeping the same basic layout and design of the bathroom can save time and money. Simply by changing some fixtures and sticking to the original plumbing plan, your bathroom can look dramatically different.

    Putting in glass doors, custom bathroom vanities, and with a few accent pieces, you can give the illusion of the space being larger than it is. Different custom made cabinets can allow you to get creative with storage.


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