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With SunEdison’s recent merger with Vivint Solar, the Missouri based company is poised to become the leading global residential and commercial solar provider. The solar industry is growing with no signs each year. According to the The Solar Foundation, the US solar industry had 20% more jobs in 2013 than it did in 2012. The industry grew 53% in the last four years, adding about 50,000 more jobs.

What does Solar Cost?

Many may wonder what effect this merger will have on the cost of solar power. Luckily the prices for installing a solar system in your home are falling. There have been drastic drops in solar power costs over the years. The individual solar panel cost has dropped 80% since 2008 and since 2010 the cost of a panel has dropped by about 63%. Once a solar system is installed it can last anywhere between 25 to 40 years with little to no maitainace, especially if the system does not have to use batteries.

Are there Incentives for Missouri Residential Solar Panels?

What does SunEdison’s merger mean for it’s home state and solar power legislation? Even with SunEdison being one of the most prominent solar providers, currently Missouri isn’t ranked in the top ten solar states according to the Solar Energy Industries Association. But, Missouri does offer certain property tax incentives. Studies show that installing solar can save over 50% on your energy bill. The popularity of solar is showing no signs of dropping A solar PV system is installed about four minutes and by 2016 a PV so it is possible that more Missouri residential solar panels will be installed than ever before

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