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Air conditioning maintenance

America is home to many great amenities: cleaning running water, paved roadways, computers in almost every household. Depending on what part of the country you live in, however, perhaps one of the most desirable is the cooling comfort of air conditioning. In the United States, fully two-thirds of homes have an AC unit of some kind. With such a large volume of units, air conditioning repair has become a lucrative and ever growing business.
While the majority of homes and businesses have an ac or central air unit, many home and business owners neglect regular AC services and commercial AC repairs necessary to keep them running functionally and efficiently.
For example, in 2010 alone an estimated 7,400 house fires were caused by air conditioners or similar equipment. Many of these could have been prevented with regular service/repairs. While air conditioning repairs can be costly, the damage that can occur without it can be far worse.
In addition to unit malfunctions, new advances in technology and energy saving can increase the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of air conditioning units. ENERGY STAR certified central air conditioners are 15% more efficient then regular AC units. Combine that with certain techniques to improve your home or workplace and you could reduce energy use by 20- 50%!
Like any piece of equipment, older units are more susceptible to breaking down, so in the long run it is better to keep up with regular air conditioning maintenance then it is to wait for it to break down completely. Not only will it be cheaper, but you will also keep your employees or family from suffering through a potentially hot and humid day as you wait for the air conditioning repair.


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