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Some workers and even business owners and managers tend to take having a clean office for granted. Though having one that looks clean is important for establishing professionalism and helps allow customers and clients to feel comfortable spending their money, it is also vital for helping employees do their jobs properly. Several studies have shown that a clean office can help increase worker productivity and limit employee sickness. As a result, hiring commercial carpet cleaning and other professionals can be a great investment for business owners. They have the training and commercial cleaning equipment to get rid of germs and keeping workers healthy.

Bringing in commercial carpet cleaning specialists is always smart for making sure that excessive dust and allergens are removed completely. Simple problems, like a runny nose or itchy eyes could make it difficult for employees to get anything done, even if they don’t have to go home for the day. Unfortunately, it is impossible to see dust in the carpet with just the naked eye, and even when they look clean, they could be harboring millions of dust mites. So hiring professional carpet cleaners regularly is a smart choice for every business owner.

Of course, carpeted floors aren’t the only spaces in offices that need to be cleaned and, in fact, they aren’t generally the dirtiest. According to a 2012 study led by Dr. Charles Gerba at the University of Arizona, the filthiest place in an office is actually the break room. The study discovered that the five spots with the most germs are water fountain buttons, refrigerator door handles, keyboards, microwave handles, and sink handles in the break room. Considering how often all of those items are touched by workers and how many workers might put their hands on them, that can be quite scary. In order to keep those areas clean and prevent the spread of germs and illness, businesses need to hire commercial cleaning services.

Every year, influenza alone is the cause of 75 million work absences in the United States, and those absences can be costly to businesses. The best way for owners to avoid them and keep workers healthy is to invest in commercial carpet cleaning and other companies who can get germs out of even the filthiest areas. They are a great resource for owners who want the best for both their employees and their business. See this link for more.


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