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Kitchen bath remodeling

You probably spend more time in your bathroom and kitchen each day than you think. And why spend this time in a drab, boring room when you can easily renovate them and transform your living space? Bathroom and kitchen remodeling is extremely easy and doesn’t have to break the bank!

Dazzle your guests with these five tips for kitchen and bath remodeling on the cheap!

1. Invest in granite and marble countertops: This tip might go against the “on a budget” premise of this article, but adding a granite or marble countertop to your kitchen or bathroom is a great investment that looks amazing. Having a granite or marble counter will add value to your home, meaning you can ask for a higher selling price if you ever decide to sell your house. They’re also long-lasting, complement virtually all bathroom remodeling designs and kitchen remodeling designs and, obviously, a gorgeous addition to any home!

2. Planning to paint? Do it yourself: While it’s smart to hire a professional painter for whole-house painting jobs, painting one or two rooms can easily be done yourself. This is especially true in bathrooms and kitchens, where most of the wall space is taken up by vanities, cabinets, appliances and counters.

3. Design it yourself: Unless you plan to move plumbing fixtures, creating your kitchen and bathroom remodel designs yourself is a great way to cut the cost of an interior designer. There are tons of bathroom and kitchen remodeling design ideas available for free on the Internet, especially sites like Pinterest. Above all, choosing your own paint, tile and accent colors for the bathroom remodel designs is the fun part!

4. Don’t replace what doesn’t need to be replaced: If you replace everything in your bathroom and kitchen simply because you want all new things, costs can rack up fast

5. Phone a friend: Most of your ideas for bathroom remodel designs and kitchen remodeling probably don’t require the help of a professional handyman to execute. If you have a friend who’s good at manual tasks like these, he or she will probably be willing to do the work for free, or at least at a much cheaper rate than a professional. For more, read this link.


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