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Sealing your own driveway can be a good way to save money on an asphalt sealcoating service. This video will show you how to get it done.

Start by removing all vegetation and debris from the driveway and its edges.

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This includes all plants growing in the cracks. Be sure to power wash the driveway to remove all loose dirt.

Once the driveway is as clean and dry as possible, use a crack-filling solution to fill in all of the cracks on the driveway. Don’t worry about matching colors at this point; everything will be covered in the next step.

Next, use a large brush or clean push-style broom to spread sealant around the edges of the driveway. Be sure not to go over the edge of the driveway in this step, d apply the sealant evenly. After the area you’re sealing has been outlined; pout about two gallons of sealant into the middle of the driveway and use a large squeegee to push the sealant towards one of the edges. Once there, use the squeegee to pull back the excess fluid onto the driveway, smoothing out the top coat.


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