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Join Jason and Jeff – the experts behind Concrete Floor Solutions – as they work on a concrete polishing service for a small mobile office. The floor area is around 350 square feet but involves a lot of work to polish it to perfection.

From the first step to completion, watch them do the 10 step grind to turn the dull concrete into a gorgeous floor full of character. It’s a feat Jason and Jeff successfully accomplished, much to the client’s satisfaction.

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After finishing the entire polishing process, beautiful stuff such as aggregate or stone exposure and craze cracks naturally came out of the concrete.

The duo starts the concrete polishing service equipped with a generator to power the necessary tools, a trailer carrying most of their equipment, and a mini staging area in a tight space at the side of a minor road.

The first step involved running an Upcut saw down the joint to remove all dirt. Then, using a Dewalt DCE591 epoxy dispenser gun, Jason overfills the joint with epoxy. To shave the excess epoxy, Jeff used a simple scraper – a necessary procedure to make the floor smooth before the actual polishing process.

Watch the rest of the video to see the various grits used and how Jason and Jeff made the hard concrete shine and achieve a beautiful look fitting for the office.



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