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Most homeowners are aware that sump pumps are designed to remove water that has collected in a catch basin and are often found in the basements of homes. The attached video will explain more about sump pumps and offer some tips on their general use.

Sump pumps are primarily designed to prevent excess ground or rainwater from entering and sitting in a house.

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These kinds of pumps are often found in the basements of homes that flood often. They typically run on constant electrical power, and most have a battery backup installed in case of a power failure. In order to maintain the health of a sump pump, cleaning is required at regular intervals.

A pump may overflow or otherwise not function correctly if debris has become clogged in the filter. Luckily, a simple cleaning is all it usually takes to fix the problem. Generally, sump pumps are a low-maintenance solution to constant or even periodic flooding from excess rain or groundwater. They can be installed for a fraction of the cost of flood damage repairs and will run for years if properly maintained.


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