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This video from Azek Building Products shares tips for installing shingles on the exterior of your home. The video will show you where to get started on your project, and how to measure to find the center of where you should start your project. This tutorial gives you all the tips that you need to ensure that you can install your siding to perfection.

Most people choose to hire a professional for their exterior shingle and siding needs. However, if you are handy you can take the project on as a DIY project.

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Following the professional tips in this video will help you to get the results that you want for your project.

There is a lot to learn about installing your own exterior siding. For example, you can learn how large of a gap to leave behind on your starter boards and how to center those boards and work your way out. A lot of questions you have about this type of project are addressed in this presentation. This video has a lot of valuable information that you can apply to your project. Watch this video now before you start your project.



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