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Some people think a roof is a roof no matter what building it’s on, but they would be wrong. There are some major differences between commercial and residential roofs. Some residential roof installers aren’t even licensed to install commercial roofs and vice versa. Each type of roof has a different set of requirements.

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They also can require different insurance coverage.

When installing a commercial roof, you need to take the business into account. If the business requires a lot of vents, they need to be installed through the roof. Some companies require rooftop space for equipment. If that’s the case, the roof needs to be reinforced to hold the weight of that equipment. In addition to that, most commercial roofing is flat and that comes with different complications than a pitched roof.

Residenital roofs are often pitched, which has its own installation challenges. Due to the high slope of the roof, residential roofs are also visible from the street and therefore design elements are very important. The materials that are used during installation also differ between residential and commercial roofs. Overall, these two different roof types serve two very different purposes and their installation reflects that.



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