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In this video, you will learn about stump grinding. If you are looking to get rid of tree stumps in your lawn, there are different methods to do so. Burning the stump and removing it by hand is an option.

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Using a stump grinder is another one of these options. Be sure to wear safety gear when you are using any type of machinery. To begin removing your stump, trim the stump as close to the ground as you can. This will speed up the process. Also, be sure to rm remove any rocks that are close to the stump. Avoid using the stump grinder in the presence of children and pets. Raise the grinder wheel a few inches above the end of the stump. Start the grinder and lower the wheel a few inches into the stump. Carefully go in an up and down motion. Repeat this process and keep lowering the blade lower and lower. You may need to accelerate the engine throttle to accomplish this. Once you have successfully removed the stump, be sure to completely turn off the stump grinder before holding it upright. Keep watching this video for more information.


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