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Flue repair parts

Did you know that the tallest freestanding brick chimney is 585 feet high? Although most residential chimneys are not this tall, all chimneys must be properly maintained. This is because an improperly cleaned chimney can cause carbon monoxide buildup in your home, and it is also a fire hazard. As a result, there are two important chimney maintenance tasks you must complete, as both will allow you to use your chimney safely.

– Install chimney accessories. Even if your chimney is brand new, it will still benefit from having additional accessories installed. For example, mounting downdraft chimney caps will prevent wind from blowing into your chimney, which is important because wind can cause back-puffing into your home. Chimney liners, which are typically made of stainless steel, are also vital to utilize because they help prevent creosote buildup. Since chimney caps, liners, and other accessories promote safer and greener living, they are essential to obtain.

– Hire a professional chimney cleaner. According to the National Fire Protection Association, you should clean your chimney once per year. However, even if you already know how to clean your chimney, you must seek help from a professional service because cleaning a chimney is a dangerous task. This is because chimneys contain creosote and carbon monoxide, both of which can lead to chimney fires. In fact, chimneys that are not properly cleaned can cause fires that burn at over 2,000 degrees. This means that by hiring a professional who knows how to clean a chimney flue, you will safely and efficiently reduce your risk of chimney fires.

In order to properly maintain your chimney, there are two tasks you must complete. In addition to installing chimney accessories, you must also hire a professional chimney cleaner. By doing so, you will be able to continue using your chimney safely.


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