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Whether youve just bought a new home or have decided it’s time for some renovations to take place to spruce up your current home, a remodeling contractor can help you achieve the look you want. Before we actually get to the part where you find a great remodeling contractor though, you will have to dream up what you want your remodeling to look like.
What is your dream home’s style? Are there large windows where natural light floods into your home? Do you prefer wacky furniture pieces, colorful wallpaper, and accents that make a space pop?

Thinking up your dream home can be a lot of fun! There may be moments when you are thinking about renovations where you come across a space that you are unsure how to use. For example, small spaces might seem out of place and can easily confuse you.

However, small spaces can actually be the gems in your home that make it really stand out. A small space can be made into a reading nook, a den, or even a small office space or computer area!

If you’re looking for some ideas for how to transform a small space, try these great tips from expert designers:

1. Use light colored paint

Using light colored paint for the walls of your small room or space can help “open it up” and make it look bigger. These colors, light white, eggshell white or cream, and pastel colors reflect light and make it seem like space is much bigger to the human eye. Trick your guests into thinking your small nook actually makes a luxurious reading area!

2. Dazzle guests with mirrors

Mirrors are another great tool you can use to make your small areas in your home seem much bigger. Mirrors also reflect light and can give the effect that a small area is much larger. Not only is it good for making small spaces seem much bigger thanks to how they let so much light in and reflect it, but they can also help give off a luxurious feel.

3. Use some floor to ceiling curtains

Stuck on how to make a small space look larger? Try using some floor to ceiling curtains! These curtains draw the eye upward and give the illusion of a much bigger space! You can find some beautiful colors and patterns for floor to ceiling curtains at your local home stores or online.

As you can see, before you contact a remodeling contractor for a kitchen remodeling, second story additions, or other home additions, you have to dream up what you want your home to look like! That might include thinking about how to use and design some of the smaller spaces in your home.

Do you have any suggestions for how to make small space seem larger in your home? Share some suggestions or stories of what you have done with your small areas in your home with us in the comments below!


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