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Why Sprinkler Systems Are Important

Protecting your business from an unexpected accident is most company’s top priority when managing others. Fire damage could potentially destroy a company, which is devastating for any business owner. According to statistics, the rates of injury and death by fire are the highest in hotels and motels, which account for an estimated 15 deaths and 150 injuries every year. Fires even have come with the possibility of putting employees and customers at risk for their lives because of their ability to incinerate anything within their path, often times leaving significant fire damage, smoke damage, and even water damage because of the high temperatures. The liability of a company being destroyed by fire leads most businesses to refer to fire sprinkler installation services and fire damage restoration to protect their company. Water damage restoration and smoke damage restoration are also including to take precautionary measures in order to prevent cases of that severity from commonly occurring. Studies show a combination of water damage repair and water damage restoration coupled with early warning systems allow for buildings to reduce their overall injuries, loss of life, and property damage by at least 50%. Emergency restoration companies work closely together with other companies and small businesses to ensure their assets are protected, allowing businesses to worry about what’s important—their customers

Type of Fire Protection Services

1. Wet Pipe Sprinklers:Wet pipe sprinklers have a constant water supply that allows them always to be filled with water. These sprinklers would allow for a quick reaction if a fire were to abruptly break out, making them the most commonly installed sprinkler in all building—particularly, multi-floor offices and commercial properties were liabilities are the highest in water damage restoration. Fire sprinkler maintenance and repairs for wet pipe sprinklers are typically one of the lowest than any other type and cost-efficient.

2. Pre-Action Sprinklers: These types of sprinkler systems are filled with air when they aren’t in use, but they become readily available with water when the smoke detector goes off to alert people of a fire. Pre-Action requires two triggers to start the flow of water readily—the triggers are beneficial for tampering and noticing damages faster, which prevents
businesses from needing significant water damage restoration.

3. Dry Pipe Sprinklers: Dry pipe utilizes pressurized airs that travel through the pipes to build up tension to release water like pre-action sprinklers. Unfortunately, the pressurized air causes a significant delay in the water release, but still very efficient for allowing the pipes not to freeze over during freezing weather.

4. Deluge:Deluge sprinkler systems require smoke and/or heat detectors that use easy-to-use open nozzles when a fire occurs, which makes them ideal for buildings storing hazardous chemicals and flammable liquids.

Why Fire Sprinkler Requirements For Commercial Buildings

The reason there are standards of place for commercial buildings is to thoroughly cover fire sprinkler service and its rules and regulations regarding the requirements enforced throughout the building. Commercial buildings abide by the NFPA 13, a standard for Installation of Sprinkler Systems which covers and establishes required procedures and conditions for fire sprinkler installation service and other certain standards that implement specific restraints for builders, owners, and managers. In their records, The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) has never recorded a fire killing over two people in a properly operating building where there is an adequate fire sprinkler installation service. Fire sprinkler installation service has grown tremendously for setting safety requirements and building codes to abide by to ensure that significant fire and water damage restoration is not required.

a. Fire sprinkler installation service is a requirement for all recently built commercial buildings to ensure automatic fire sprinklers are installed within 5,000 square feet after remodeling certain areas. The fire sprinkler system installed must be installed throughout the building that provides the maximum coverage.

b. Commercial buildings that are more than 55 feet in height must use a fire sprinkler installation service to ensure everything is properly installed.

c. Fire pumps need to be installed to increase the pressure in a sprinkler system when a non-pressured water tank fuels it, or a water system doesn’t have adequate pressure to provide enough water to the sprinklers.


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