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Windows and doors are a key part of any residential property. They often set the tone of the space and have dramatic effects on the overall aesthetics of any given room. From a functional perspective, windows and doors are also a major contributor to energy efficiency and budget concerns. If you’re looking to install new windows and doors but you’re not sure where or how to decide, then follow our simple guide to get started.

First off, it’s important to realize that windows are responsible for approximately 30% of a home’s heating energy loss. This is quite a surprising number, especially when you consider any sort of significant time frame. In one year alone, it’s possible that you’re losing major amounts of energy through your windows. Your climate, window number, and location are all contributing factors to energy loss, but the largest factor is the type of residential windows that you have installed. With old, outdated window types you are not taking advantage of the advancements in window frames and fixtures, many of which can save you enormous amounts of energy and money. While it’s tempting to think you’re saving money by not replacing your money, you’re actually just draining energy and losing more money for every day you neglect replacing your windows with newer, more efficient options.

New window types, such as Milgard windows come in a variety of materials and frames. Many are ENERGY STAR certified, too, which can be researched to determine the exact efficiency of any given model. For frames, there are a few main types to be aware of. Vinyl frames are popular because they are made with materials that are resistant to UV rays. Fiberglass frames are good at providing strong thermal seals. Wood frames, while aesthetically pleasing, often require more upkeep and maintenance to retain energy efficiency. Dealing with a knowledgeable window expert can provide you with guidance as you search for the perfect solution.

When it comes to interior doors or exterior doors, it’s equally important that you seek the guidance of experts in the field. You’ll want to consider material types first and foremost. For example, different grades of wood may be better suited to colder climates, while others may function better under constant sunlight. New doors can set the tone for your space from a stylistic point of view, so your taste and creativity can really shine here. By selecting the right doors for your home, you can modify how it is viewed while also saving valuable money and energy.

While installing new windows and doors can be daunting, it doesn’t have to be. If you work alongside trusted industry experts, you can be confident in your choices. With extensive knowledge and experience, you’re sure to be satisfied with your new windows and doors.


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