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No one really wants to deal with sewer problems, especially concerning pipes. However, at some point you will need to replace old sewer pipe lining. You may be wondering exactly how that happens. Today’s technology for sewer linings has made it a much easier process.

All your home needs are trenchless pipe linings. Sewer lines known as ‘trenchless’ use CIPP solutions, cured-in-place-pipe. CIPP applications are typically completed within just a matter of hours, and can eliminate costly, large-scale digging from the repair process.

Use the Trenchless Pipe Lining Approach for a New Sewer Lining

Trenchless sewer repair does not repair old sewer lines, but instead adds a new sewer lining. It is a sewer repair of sorts since the new sewer lining takes care of the problem in as few as three hours. This is especially true when you use the services of professional plumbers that specialize in trenchless sewer repairs. Sewer repair just got easier!

Expert plumbers will inspect your sewer lines using an inspection system, this is typically a camera inspection, and then make sure the line is cleaned out. They will take measurements for the lateral length of your sewer lines so the new sewer lining fits perfectly. Liner material is then cut the exact length needed, on-site.

Next resin is then measured and mixed in the proper amount. The resin is loaded into what is called an inversion unit once it has been put into a tubular liner. The resin is then launched from one access point through sweeping 90’s, 45’s and 22’s. It needs to cure for three hours and will make sure your lateral is back in action and operation the same day.

Why Use a Trenchless System?

Trenchless systems use resin that has been specifically designed. It provides a tight bond and seal inside the existing host. The PVC coating itself becomes a new inner wall that is jointless and flexible. Such cutting-edge technology allows expert plumbers to pass on the savings to their customers. Get in touch with an experienced plumbing team that’s equipped, certified and knowledgeable concerning trenchless pipeline sewer repairs that are focused on providing a new sewer lining.


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