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Carpet cleaning products

The best thing about owning your own home is the ability to customize it to your personal style and comfort needs. From the furniture you select to the window treatments you buy to the wall decoration you choose, your home is unique to you. Flooring options are a huge and semi permanent aspect of your home and can vary from room to room. Many people prefer tiled floors or laminate in the kitchen and bathroom for easy cleaning, hard wood in hallways and dining areas, and carpeted floors for a cozy, warm texture in bedrooms and living areas. Unlike hard wood, tile, and laminate flooring which can easily be cleaned with a mop and broom, carpet requires a more delicate approach and special carpet cleaning products. For the best results for a clean spotless carpet, consider hiring one of the top rated carpet cleaners in your area. Professional carpet cleaning can get your carpets much cleaner than you are able to with just a vacuum, for instance:

  • The average carpet has at least seven pounds of soil accumulate in one year at and below the surface. Vacuuming and home carpet cleaners may get some of the dirt out, but for a truly deep clean, professional carpet cleaners are needed.
  • Scientists have found that a variety of air pollutants can accumulate in carpets. Top rated carpet cleaners are able to not only remove dirt from carpets, but also sanitize them with steam and cleaning solution.
  • In addition to airborne pollutants, certain climates and temperatures can allow mold to grow in carpets, making it vital for them to be cleaned by a professional carpet cleaning service.

Keeping your carpets clean is not just necessary to keep your house looking its best, but also to keep your family safe from getting sick. To keep your carpets looking like new and staying the cleanest, they should be cleaned professionally every year to year and a half. More.


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