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Walk in bath prices

Believe it or not, there have been a lot of advances made in the world of toilets over the years. Sure, you may not have noticed much of a difference, as long as it’s serving its major function. But there have been changes in toilet technology that have happened right in front of your eyes.

Sure, styles have changed. You may remember some toilets from back in the day that were a lovely assortment of ’70s colors: green, gold, blue, pink, etc. And the look just wasn’t complete without a decorative toilet seat cover.

But in addition to being, quite frankly, hideous, those toilets were also not very efficient. Back in the 1950s, toilets typically used seven or more gallons of water with each flush. By the ’60s, they used 5.5 gallons per flush, and used only 3.5 gallons in the ’80s. Today’s toilets use no more than 1.6 gallons of water per flush.

Pressure assisted toilets are another more efficient style of toilet. These toilets have an inner tank of pressurized air that forces the water out of the toilet with the flush, with greater force than just that of gravity.

Today’s best rated toilets are toilets the most water efficient toilets. If you’re interested in saving water, as you should be, since you will be able to cut way down on your water bills, then investing in water efficient toilets is a great move. Switching to water efficient toilets can save up to $100 on water bills for the average family.

If you think it might be time to get a new toilet, you’re probably right. Bathroom updates like this often go by the wayside, because no one really thinks much of their toilet unless its an ugly color. But it’s important to have a well-functioning toilet as well. Not only will you find that it works much better, with that all-important flush, but it will do so while saving water and saving you money.


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