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kitchen and bathroom remodel

Amazing remodels often require lots of patience and commitment. You cannot expect your kitchen and bathroom remodel to turn out perfectly the first time you set out to create the atmosphere you have in your mind. In actuality, the average cost of cabinets and countertops for your budget should factor in replacing surfacing for different designs. What do you do, though, when you cannot seem to make a definite decision on anything? You may need to go back to the drawing board entirely.

The average cost of kitchen addition is not usually cheap. You can spend thousands knocking down a wall and paying for the disposal of old materials. Costs become even greater when you change your mind in the middle of the job. You may end up paying double, or even triple, of what you originally intended when you have to put a wall back. Such is the reason why you need to take a step back when you feel the urge to change your mind often during your kitchen renovation proceedings.

The average cost of kitchen cabinet remodel can be expensive from the start. The price grows higher when you factor in changes because of indecisiveness. Do not become a victim of your kitchen remodel. Walk away from your plans for a brief moment to give yourself time to make clear choices on what you want to get from the renovation.


Kitchen design

Looking to sell your home? According to experts, you should start remodeling and landscaping projects well in advance of putting your home on the market. Landscaping projects should be started at least one year in advance of any sale: home buyers are more likely to purchase homes with extensive landscaping, a well-maintained lawn, and sturdy outdoor hardscaping like rock walls and wooden decks. Home buyers consistently report that they are looking for homes with approximately 2,000 square feet, located in a great school district, with a two-car garage and at least one bathroom on the first floor.

Home remodeling needs to follow a logical process: before upgrading landscaping, make sure that sewer and water pipes are inspected and repaired. Also, make sure that construction vehicles have easy access to room additions or the location of a bathroom remodel before putting in any landscaping. While about two-thirds of home remodeling projects involve upgrades to kitchen and dining areas, there is rapidly growing interest in the potential for complete bathroom remodels.

What customers want is elegance and luxury, and may be surprised to know that sometimes, contractors may be able to help them get ahold of luxe products for a lower price. Granite counter tops command high prices, and there are some granite and marble pieces — sinks, kitchen counters, bathroom sinks, and shelving — that are available at a discount due to tiny irregularities in the stone. Will anyone notice? Not likely, and that is why some homeowners prefer to talk to contractors and designers who have reliable supply lines.

Along with establishing the proper timeline for major home renovation projects, homeowners should ask contractors to perform a comprehensive examination of the rooms that they wish to be upgraded. Bathtub replacement can reveal subflooring that needs to be repaired, and again, water and sewer pipes should be rehabilitated or replaced well in advance of a bathroom remodel project.

Surprisingly, many homeowners remain unaware of sewer and water leaks in their homes until they become a major issue. Keeping track of water usage can be important: any usage more than about 7,000 gallons per month in a household of four could signal a major leak. Newer pipe repair technology can act to seal leaks and to prevent the possibility of a major rupture that could damage a home’s foundation.

Tackling remodeling projects in the proper order can work to ensure a positive outcome. Undertaking a kitchen renovation project? Then it may be a great time to rehab the bathroom pipes at the same time. Repairing the subfloor in the bathroom and reglazing the bathtub? Maybe contractors could look into waterproofing the basement or resurfacing the driveway. Contractors should be able to talk to homeowners about scheduling major projects, but homeowners interested in putting their homes up for sale may want to get started on that kitchen and bathroom remodel well in advance their first meeting with a Realtor.


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