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It is great to be outside.

Fresh air, sunshine and a comfortable chair all contribute to a relaxing time. Perhaps you enjoy gardening as a way to relax or love to entertain in your backyard. In fact, a survey conducted for the National Association of Landscape Professionals revealed that 75% of American adults feel it is beneficial to be outside in their yards. Eighty-three of adults feel having a yard is important, and of those who have a yard, 90% feel it is vital to keep this living space well-maintained.

Looking to the Backyard

Regardless of how you use your backyard, your want your time outdoors to be as enjoyable as possible by creating an attractive living space. Surveys show 64% of homeowners who are considering outdoor home improvement projects concentrate on the backyard. About one third of the yard upgrades are preceded by the purchase of a new home and another third are considered once funds become available. Twenty-nine percent of yard overhauls are being done due to outdoor deterioration.

Get the Fence Up
A call to a fence company is one of the first considerations for many homeowners wishing to upgrade their outdoor living space. A residential fence installation serves many purposes. It can define your limits of your property, create privacy and add to the curb appeal of your home. In fact, an attractive fence installed by an experienced fence company can offer a 65% return on your investment.

Stockade fences are very popular for homeowners who wish to have privacy or perhaps need to create a safe outdoor area for their pets. A survey among United States zoning committee experts indicated that 80 to 90% of fence installation applications are for the stockade type of fence.

Once you decide you want a fence you must select a fencing company. Look for an experienced company that is skilled in the type of fence you desire. Ask for references and to see completed jobs. Find out if the fence company offers a guarantee on their work and if they do repairs.

Fence Installation Companies Build Communities
The fencing industry plays a significant role in local economies across the United States. It creates an estimated 270,455 jobs and generates 51 billion dollars in revenue. With a majority of fencing companies being local businesses, they make many contributions that benefit members of the community.


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