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Do you need help with lawn care basics or even more advanced concerns about the health and vigor of your yard? Are you curious about soil stabilization techniques and other treatments that can help keep your yard looking green and beautiful? Are you looking for the best deal on the finest brands of lawnmowers and lawn care equipment? Getting high-quality tools, equipment, products, materials, and services is easier when you work closely with members of your local lawn care company.

These local pros can offer you great choices for brand new lawnmower and other gear that will make routine lawn care simpler and easier. They can get you the best basic lawnmower or a commercial-grade riding mower. If you want to ensure you get the best quality results and can keep your yard looking great then talk to your local lawn care experts. They can tell you where to buy lawn fertilizer online, how to properly water and mow your grass, and what other things you need to look for.

So, when you need cheap yard service options, your local landscape and lawn company can get you the best service and products available so call for an estimate today!

People love their yards and want to spend as much time as possible outdoors, working on and improving their lawns and gardens, and enjoying their surroundings. At the same time, they want to be environmentally friendly. After all the while point of loving the outdoors is to enjoy their pristine, natural beauty. The traditional approach to lawn care, which is heavy on fertilizer and pesticide use, and skimpy on environmentally sound practices, is completely out of keeping with most people’s wishes for their homes. Organic lawn care provides a perfect solution for homeowners who don’t want their kids and pets exposed to harmful chemicals, but want to maintain a beautiful lawn.

Are weed killers harmful to humans and pets?
Is the sky blue? The answer is, simply: yes. Weed killers like roundup and 2,4D are finally being recognized as toxic chemicals which are harmful to humans, animals and the environment. They are linked to neurological diseases and certain types of cancers. These can enter the food chain by mixing in with earth, air and water. Once ingested, they produce harmful results for humans and animals. Direct contact with ordinary weed killers produces alarming symptoms like rashes, nausea, dizziness and breathing problems.
People love their backyards and spend long periods of time there, gardening, relaxing or entertaining. More than half of all homeowners, or 51%, who are improving their yards spend six hours or more in their yards each week. If they are using traditional lawn care practices with heavy chemical inputs, they are endangering their health as well as the environment. Organic lawn care is a pioneering new idea. It uses lawn care strategies that emphasize mowing and watering and environmentally friendly materials to keep lawns green and healthy without endangering humans, pets and wildlife.

How does organic lawn care work?
Natural lawn care is not only better for the environment, it is also safer lawn care, since there are no harsh chemicals and pesticides used. Besides being safer, natural lawncare also outperforms traditional chemical lawn care methods, with better weed and insect control. For weed control, natural lawn care relies on using varieties of turf and grass that have natural resistance to pests, and by encouraging those insects that are the natural enemies of turf pests.
Environmentally friendly lawn care can maintain a beautiful lawn that is safe for pets and kids, without using harmful pesticides. Not only are the pesticides harmful to humans, animals and the environment, but over time weeds also develop resistance to the chemicals. This leads to the rise of the “superweeds” which need even stronger chemicals to destroy. The only way to break this cycle is to use natural lawn care methods.

Love your backyard with organic lawn care
Most of us know without being told that Americans love their backyards. A Harris Poll conducted for the National Association of Landscape Professionals surveyed 2,034 American adults over the age of 18, and found that three out of four or 75% thought it was important to spend time in their yards. And as many as 63% of people surveyed said that they would pay a higher price for an apartment or house in a neighborhood with green spaces. Only 34% were willing to pay more for a neighborhood with good shopping facilities and 33% would pay more to live in a neighborhood with cultural events.
With the strong preference of most Americans for the outdoors and spending time in their yards, it is ironic that the chemicals traditionally used to maintain these spaces have such harmful effects on health. Environmentally friendly lawncare lets you enjoy the outdoors without risks to your health or risks to your children and pets. Given that it’s also better for the environment and wildlife, it’s the natural choice.


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