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The major function of gutters is to direct water away from the house. As a house owner, you may have a long list of things to do before winter. Cleaning and removing leaves and debris should be among the top priorities. Gutters filled with dirt may not drain the water properly, leading to water accumulating or overflowing. If you haven’t cleaned your gutter, hire gutter companies to clean it and ensure it works fine. One of the major reasons to ensure no clog rain gutters is to prevent water damage inside and outside the house. The overflowing water gets through cracks and crevices, causing stains on the wall and ceiling.

A clean gutter reduces the risk of a cracked foundation. Parts of the gutter system protect the house against pooling water. When the base of your house is protected, there will be no risks of erosion which weakens the foundation. Look for roof gutter cleaning service to remove debris that attracts pests and rodents. Pest infestation harms your health and damages the roof and fascia. If you want to know what is guttering made of, ask a professional or check online. This way, you will know the best way to clean and handle gutters.

The primary function of your home’s gutters is to direct the flow of water away from your house, protecting it against leakage and flooding. Gutters filled with leaves and other natural debris, however, will fail to drain properly, leading to an overflow of roof water that then accumulates around the foundation of your house. Clogged gutters are the most common cause of basement water problems. This type of damage to your home can pose serious health and safety risks for you and your family, as well. Once water leaks into your house, mold can develop between 24 and 48 hours, damaging the structural integrity of your home, and leading to respiratory problems for inhabitants. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, while some are more severe than others, every type of mold has the potential to be dangerous to human health. This is precisely why regular gutter cleaning and maintenance is so important.

How often should you have your gutter cleaned? Every home is different, and climate and geographical location play a big part in the severity of gutter clogging and damage. Every home should have its gutters cleaned at least once a year. For those homes in more densely wooded areas, or those that experience a higher amount of rainfall, this service should be performed every couple of months. In colder climates, ice dams can form on gutters, so special attention should be paid during the winter months.

When a gutter is clogged, water will be falling from unexpected places around the house. This can put you at risk of slipping and falling, and can also damage the landscape around your house such as flowerbeds and trees. To address all safety and health concerns, a quality gutter cleaning service, or gutter repair service should perform the following tasks: cleaning gutters, picking up debris from the ground, evaluating the structure of the gutters, and checking to make sure that the downspouts are properly draining. Downspout extensions should be directed at least six feet away from your home’s foundation, towards the road or back yard; also make sure that the water is not flowing towards your neighbor’s home.



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