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For years, Coachella has been the “it” festival. But as time goes by, the performers are becoming less edgy and more predictable. And it’s not even the festival anymore — it’s the rampant capitalist culture that surrounds it. From floral headbands to makeup lines, the music festival has become a means of capitalist culture, commodified for well-to-do yuppies to bathe in the new-age hippie aesthetic. And now, Crate and Barrel is making sure to cash in on the trend too, with their latest and not-so-greatest like of Coachella-inspired luxury contemporary furniture and decor.
When we buy modern furniture, we certainly don’t think of the one time that Vampire exploded champagne all over the stage. But now, the modern furniture brand has come up with a way to turn your living space into an overpriced, desert-inspired oasis, just in time for the April festival. The modern furniture stores’ new wares include extremely expensive, minimalist pieces that evoke that kind of earthy, natural sense that makes you feel like you rolled your $600 couch in a pile of dust. Absolutely dreamy.
As we prepare to head to the land of fringe and boho chic, a la Coachella, Crate and Barrel and CB2 have identified the home decor trends that can also be found dominating festival fields this summer,” read a press release.
“The glistening sea of celebrities, hipsters, and musicians lends itself to textured fabrics, tie dye prints, flowy florals, and vintage-inspired pieces that will make it easy to bring the festival home with you. From the Crate and Barrel Shelby Orange throw and Red Picnic Cooler to the CB2 Sway Desktop Mobile and Triad Cabinet, we can get any space festival ready!?
To be honest, we’re not sure if we want any glistening bodies — even if it’s a celebrity’s — anywhere near my $400 Triad Cabinet. Those are the kinds of stains that just don’t come out!
Perhaps investing in some modern leather furniture reminiscent of a dying festival might seem appealing to the masses, but for me? I’ll say no to the modern leather furniture and keep my easy chair covered in my college tapestry. Thanks but no thanks!


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