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When it’s time to renovate a room that receives a lot of sun during the day, many homeowners are looking specialized window treatments to protect furniture and to maximize the style and comfort levels of their homes.

Window blinds
can be custom-made to fit both windows and doors. Wood blinds come in a variety of hardnesses and can be stained to match any decor. Often, wood blinds will be ordered to match the wooden furniture in a particular room. Not only can blinds be closed during sunny days to minimize fabric damage on delicate home furnishings, but they are an attractive option for many homeowners due to their largely affordable cost.

Sometimes window blinds give way to curtains: sheer curtains make any room feel light and airy, while light-blocking blackout curtains can protect a photographer’s studio or provide an insomniac with much-needed rest. When vertical blinds are not an option due to a room’s design scheme, another option is curtains that come in a large variety of thicknesses and materials.

Awnings that are either temporarily or permanently installed outside the window of a room that receives a lot of sunlight can lower internal temperatures by as much as 20 degrees. Retractable awnings might have a higher initial price point than vertical blinds or window curtains, but homeowners want comfortable outdoor environments for work, play, and sleeping.

Window treatment trends
continue to evolve to include unexpected materials like fiberglass, paper, and high-quality “green” recycled plastics. Homeowners need to consider cost of materials, relevance to decor, and furniture care requirements when considering where to buy awnings, blinds, or curtains for use in a sunny room.

Where to buy shades, vertical blinds, or awnings? Local distributors can provide professional consultation that often encompasses years of installation experience, and online resources abound, often offering a more comprehensive window treatment selection than local home improvement stores. Choosing the correct window treatment depends upon more than a few factors, but comfort and style always come out on top.


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