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When was the last time you made an improvement to your bathroom design, or invested in a bathroom remodeling?

If you can’t remember, it might be time to consider giving your bathroom an upgrade. The bathroom is one of the most frequently-used rooms in our home. Typically, it’s recommended that you give your bathroom a complete overhaul about once every 20 years. If that’s not enough reason to remodel your bathroom, the average bathroom remodel has a return on investment of about 62%!

And fortunately, there are a number of ways to make your bathroom glamorous and stylish without putting too large of a dent in your budget.

Want to incorporate a little more glamour into your upcoming bathroom remodeling designs without breaking the bank? Here are three of our favorite ways to glamorize your bathroom decor on a budget:

Shimmer and sparkle

Reflective, shimmering or high-gloss surfaces throughout the bathroom will immediately add an air of opulence and luxury. However, use this shine and shimmer sparingly — you want to complement your space, not overpower it. Fixtures like glass mosaic tile counter tops, polished metal accessories or fixtures, tall mirrors and mirrored details are some great ways to add a distinctive shimmer to your bathroom.

Make a bold statement

Don’t be afraid to add a burst of color when considering your bathroom’s color scheme, materials or textures. Humans’ emotions are almost directly tied to colors, and the right color scheme in your bathroom can make a huge impression as a result. For extra glamour, try contrasting black and white with some of your favorite jewel tones.

Install a striking focal point

Much like many of us look for conversation pieces when choosing our home decor, a bathroom remodeling project can incorporate glamour with a dramatic, luxurious focal point. By investing in a standalone bathtub, a gilded or unique mirror or any other kind of striking architectural feature, you can make your bathroom look like it belongs to a millionaire.

Have any other questions about hiring the right bathroom contractors to complete your planned bathroom remodel designs? Want to share your own ideas for bathroom remodeling? Let us know in the comments below. Read this for more. To see more, read this.


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