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The natural world is filled with phenomena that may cause a great deal of damage to the natural landscape and to human-built property alike. A volcanic eruption may blanket the area in lava and vaporized buildings, and earthquakes may rattle and shatter streets, highways, and buildings alike. Floods may shut down a whole town, and hurricanes and tornadoes have powerful winds that may blast apart property and threaten lives. Tornadoes often include hail storms, but tornadoes are often small and limited by area. By contrast, hurricanes are enormous storms, and even the smaller ones can wreak havoc on a city or town. People can be evacuated from the affected area in time thanks to the effort of meteorologists, but buildings aren’t so easy to move. Instead, they can be built with hurricane winds and rain in mind, ranging from erecting levees to installing hurricane glass doors and high impact glass. Choosing hurricane proof windows is a fine idea for contractors in Florida and the Caribbean, where hurricanes often strike. Where to buy hurricane proof windows in the Caribbean? Contractors may look for wholesale supplies in the Bahamas, for example, with an online search for “where to buy hurricane proof windows in the Caribbean” or the like.

What Hurricanes Are Capable Of

Meteorologists are always hard at work to better understand storms such as hurricanes, and that in turn makes it easier to predict the timing and location of these storms as they develop and move around. Many records are kept to track Atlantic hurricanes that strike the American east coast and the Caribbean, and records show that in the 20th century, a total of 158 hurricanes struck the United States. Florida alone was hit with 57 of them, and Texas’ coast was hit with 26 more hurricanes. Even the smaller ones can cause a lot of damage with heavy rain and strong winds, and larger ones such as Hurricane Andrew are known to create tornadoes during their lifetime. In 1992, Hurricane Andrew created 62 different tornadoes.

Meanwhile, the numbers show that now, in the 21st century, hurricanes are becoming even more powerful and frequent than ever. It is likely that climate change is involved, and 2017 alone saw a lot of hurricane activity. In that year, an incredible 10 different storms in a row formed into hurricanes, a feat not seen since 1893. And Hurricane Irma, in that year, broke records as the most powerful Atlantic hurricane on record. This mammoth storm boasted seven trillion watts of energy and had 185 MPH winds for 37 hours during its lifetime, and Irma devastated 90% of the buildings in Bermuda. Such storms may very well strike again, and construction crews are ready for them.

Countermeasures Against Hurricanes

As mentioned earlier, people can be evacuated from an incoming hurricane’s path, but the buildings must remain, so they will be built accordingly. Building levees and elevated foundations helps protect from flood waters, but what about winds? Ordinary windows and glass doors may shatter in the face of strong winds, but it is not an option to simply omit windows during a building’s construction. Contractors in the Caribbean and Miami may find wholesale suppliers of specialized hurricane proof windows, frames, and sliding glass doors to help keep buildings safe in a storm.

A construction company in the Caribbean may look up some suppliers to get started, such as “where to buy hurricane proof windows in the Caribbean?” It is not ordinary homeowners who are looking up “where to buy hurricane proof windows in the Caribbean” for the most part; rather, construction crews will find them when building office buildings, hotels and apartments, and more. When constructed, these tall, large buildings will have specialized windows and glass doors that won’t break when a hurricane strikes. The frames may be extra tough, and the glass will have a specialized glaze. Such glaze with a +105/-130 rating, for example, can endure winds over 100 MPH in strength without breaking, and flying debris may simply bounce right off those windows. This is essential, since if a window breaks in a hurricane, then broken glass, strong winds, and rain may devastate the building’s interior and cause extensive property damage. Such glass, therefore, limits expensive property damage in large buildings.


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