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Bamboo flooring is a beautiful eco-friendly material that is durable and is ideal for any room. To give your bamboo flooring that professional finished look there is bamboo floor trim. Trim is often called “molding”.

There are many reasons that people are choosing bamboo for their flooring needs. For some people it is strictly aesthetics for others it is the eco-friendly nature of the material, and for many it is both!

Why All the Buzz About Bamboo Hardwood Flooring?

Bamboo wood flooring has really grown in popularity over the last couple of decades. It is a great sustainable material that makes a great flooring option.

Oddly enough even though bamboo is classified as a hardwood flooring material, and it looks like a hardwood floor and it even performs as a hardwood floor, it is a grass. It is a fast-growing material that grows around the world.

The fact that bamboo grows around the globe and grows very fast makes it a great eco-friendly option. Of course, it also looks great!

This type of flooring has a clean modern aesthetic. It delivers a modern look to any space. It is a durable option that can be installed, refinished and cared for the same way as any hardwood floor.

The pros of this type of flooring make it very popular:

  • It is cost effective
  • Comes in several different tones
  • It is very eco-friendly
  • Easy maintenance

There are plenty of reasons that bamboo has become the go to choice for many people. The cost of bamboo flooring can be a fraction of the cost for other flooring types. The best part is that while you will enjoy the savings you do not have to sacrifice quality or beauty.

There are several tones to choose from which of course gives you the ability to choose the flooring that looks best in your space. A damp mop does the trick to keep this flooring looking its best.

Bamboo Floor Trim Is a Must for The Project

Trim is a necessity for any hardwood flooring project including bamboo flooring. Bamboo floor trim gives the room a finished look and more importantly ensures that the floor is installed correctly.

As is true of any hardwood floor installation, a small gap is left around the room between the floor and the wall to ensure that there is room for expansion. All-natural materials will expand and contact because of the humidity in the room or the lack thereof. Trim is necessary to hide this gap.

Trim that matches the flooring gives the room a professional, polished look. It is the perfect complement to your flooring made of bamboo!


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