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Window treatments are an attractive and often necessary decorating decision in many homes: after all, these different window shades, curtains, drapes and more help you control the amount of available light and maintain a comfortable temperature without spending a considerable amount each month on your energy bills. However, many forms of window treatments feature as well. For example, many homeowners may not like the way window blinds bunch up when they are drawn, and the cords used to adjust them can get tangled or even be dangerous for small children. Fortunately, there is a window treatment that offers the perfect solution to these reasonable concerns: roman shades. Available in a wide variety of fabrics, roman shades fold smoothly when they are drawn and do not use an exposed cord, making them a great option for controlling the amount of light and temperature in your home. But how do you style roman shades? Read on for some popular and pleasing methods.

Go Neutral
For a minimalist or contemporary look, search for roman shades in a similar shade to your walls. The effect will be simple, but clean and attractive, especially if your room uses lighter colors.

Pick a Pattern
For a more dramatic and interesting look, pick roman shades in colors or patterns that contrast with your room. You can also use rich fabrics, like velvet, and embellishments, such as ribbons and fringe, to make your room even more unique, especially in formal spaces.

Make a Simple Statement
A lot of roman shade designs make the fabric the center of attention, but a simpler look can let you turn the focus to other details, like decorative rods and sewn-in valances. Just remember to keep the rest of the window treatment relatively simple so that the effect isn’t too overwhelming.

Add Other Window Treatments
While roman shades are great on their own, you can also pair them with other options. Consider using drapery panels, cornices or top treatments, like cascades or swags. Try combining different patterns and colors to allow the different pieces to complement each other and make your window the center of attention.

Personalize Your Pieces
If you are ordering custom roman shades, you will be able to decide which side to put the draw cord, pick a tassel cord if desired, and select additional features like a flag top or valances. While such a level of detail isn’t necessary, it can have a significant impact on how your window treatments and rooms appeal to you. Just make sure you consider your choices and test out any samples to make sure you like the way the fabric and features look when they are both open and closed.

Have you considered using roman shades in your home? What features and details do you plan to use to make the look your own? Tell us about them in the comments below!


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