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When you want to cover your windows with a window treatment, there are a lot of options on the market. Getting shutters can let you easily control the light that comes in. You can also use curtains, valances, or blinds on your windows. If you have a basement with one or more windows, there are many options for this environment. There are basement shades that will allow you to let in most of the light if you choose. You might choose a basement window blind that are easy to control and to close when you want more privacy.

There are countless basement window blinds ideas that you can get before you pick out your window treatment. Look at websites like Pinterest to find plenty of pictures of these blinds and how to use them. With a basement window valance, you can add a decorative touch to a window without blocking much of the light. You might also want to cover the windows in drapes so that you can get the light fully blocked when you want it that way. Once you have gotten some ideas about how to dress up your window, look at a local window store to find the pieces you want.

Manual awnings

When you’re just starting out on your own, it can be tempting to eschew home details in favor of saving money. Dishes are not purchased, and frisbees are re-purposed as dishes. We forget that things like frying pans, vacuum cleaners, and curtains don’t spontaneously grow out of the carpet the moment we sign the lease.

Perhaps no area of the home-on-a-budget is neglected so oftly and casually as window treatments. We spoke to one roommate cluster that had stapled together a few sweat shirts and then nailed them into the walls above their windows like makeshift drapes. Not only was this horrible to look at, they were losing money in another way. Buying quality window treatments isn’t just about purchasing pretty drapery to show off to the neighbors. Without some sort of way to cover your windows, your home could be losing up to 50% of heat and cooling energy being dispensed by your furnace or air conditioner. Even the most basic window treatments are extremely insulating, and what’s more, they’re a safety measure. No one wants to change or go about their business wondering who is on the outside peering in, perhaps casing the joint for something to steal. Good window treatments provide privacy and reduce robbery temptation, but also allow you to control the level of light in your home. Below are some quick ideas for window treatments to consider:

1. Mini Blinds: Mini blinds are great because they’re relatively inexpensive compared to more decorative options, but provide all the light flexibility you’re looking for in any room. Mini blinds also come in more than just “ugly white plastic” nowadays. Wood blinds are also an option, and we’ve seem some exciting bamboo experiments.

2. Blackout Curtains: This is a great option for those of us who like to sleep late or game/watch tv in total immersion. They also provide insulation and are easy to adjust.

3. Drapes: For rooms that have only a small window like the bathroom or stay pretty warm, like a kitchen, light drapes might be the way to go. When picking out drapes, pay attention to the thread count; the more tightly woven, the more insulating. Or, if privacy is mostly the name of the game, pick something pretty but make sure when you hold it up to the light, it’s opaque.

For more inspiration on what window treatments might be right for you, we encourage you to look at a few online show rooms.



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