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Humans have become increasingly adept at mastering our environment. While we may still be miles away from developing a weather dominator as depicted in GI Joe, modern heating and air conditioning systems keep our homes comfortable no matter what mother nature might bring. Here are a few tips to maintain a reliable heating and air conditioning system in your own home.

Proper Maintenance Anyone Can Do

Like any machine, a heating and air conditioning system requires regular maintenance to work properly. Air filters should be changed on units frequently; experts suggest doing so every three months or whenever the filter starts to change color — this is due to airborne particulates that could remain circulating in your home’s air without regular maintenance. Taking precautions to ensure that you don’t place any extra strain on a system is key to improving the service life of your heating and cooling systems: using fans to circulate cool air and keeping heat registers open are two ways to cut down on energy loss and prevent systems from overworking.

The End of an Era

It is an inevitability: your system is doomed to fail one day; hopefully it isn’t before the 12 to 15 year average service life of such systems. Improper maintenance is one of the biggest causes for system failure, costing homeowners thousands in repair and replacement costs. Another primary reasons why systems fail are due to improper installation from inexperienced or lazy technicians.

The Secret to Reliable Heating and Air Conditioning

Regular maintenance is the key to a reliable heating and cooling system, but there are many factors that homeowners may not be familiar with regarding their systems. There are an estimated 81,246 professional heating and air conditioning service businesses across the country with a staff of around 301,123 certified professionals — so finding a local technician should be simple enough. Choose a professional you can trust and ensure that your heating and cooling systems stay healthy and reliable throughout their service life.


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