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Commercial replacement door

The scum of the earth prey on hardworking, honest citizens. FBI statistics from 2013 show that there were 1.9 million burglaries across reported across the nation which resulted in property losses of $4.5 billion. Criminals don’t stop at stealing possessions as all too often they rob families of happiness, peace of mind, and loved ones in too many cases. Protect yourself from the worst of our kind: make sure your home is secure with these four steps.

Modern Security

The police do what they can to protect law abiding citizens, but they are respondents and not every home has a police officer guarding them at all times. There are a number of private security companies that offer full home security systems to automatically alert authorities and deter would-be crooks. As technology advances, more features are designed to protect families and ensure that someone is always on guard even when no one is home.

Tougher Windows

Windows give us a view and robbers an opportunity. To protect this vulnerability, many homeowners have turned to high-impact windows to ensure that homes are protected from disasters and deviants alike. High-impact windows use multiple layers to ensure that even if the glass is shattered, the window cannot be penetrated easily. By the time robbers would have a chance to break in, the noise likely would wake neighbors who can contact authorities.

Updated Locks

Forced entry is scary; it is even scarier when thieves just waltz in, as studies show that up to 10% of homes may have improperly installed deadbolts. Some thieves have developed techniques to bypass locks with picks or different types of keys, others somehow acquired a key — in any case, calling a locksmith is a wise move.

Secure Doors

Of the nearly 2 million burglaries from 2013, 59% were the result of forced entry. Secure windows and locks are two solutions, installing a door is a third. Many wooden doors are 2 inches thick; they’re tough but they’re not impenetrable. Installing a door that can stand up to high-impact strikes can act as the first and last line of defense for your home. Steel hurricane doors can withstand 200 mile per hour conditions, meaning that they can survive all but the toughest break-in methods. Businesses too should invest in advanced commercial door locks or secure commercial replacement doors to protect their assets.
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