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Green is the buzzword in virtually every aspect of home building and upkeep. From environmentally conscious building practices to choosing the greenest household cleaners, it has become increasingly easier to make smarter choices for a healthier planet. However, there are still many areas that need attention, and roofing solutions is one of them.

Even the greenest of general contractors can neglect roofing as a part of a sustainable building plan. While solar panels have gained traction as a viable alternative to conventional power sources, they are often the only attention given to improving the environmental impact of the roof area. In the area of general contracting, roofing is way down on the list of things that spring to mind when considering green building practices.

Contractors are concerned with the bottom line during building, but the home or business owner should be aware that conventional roofing materials aren’t always the most efficient; they’re simply the cheapest. In general, normal roofing reflects back as little as 15% of the sun, meaning they only absorb 85% of the sun’s heat and energy. This is a waste of valuable resources.

By installing reflective metal roofing, homes and businesses can reduce summer energy costs by as much as 40% while at the same time cutting down on urban air temperatures by more than 10 degrees Fahrenheit. If every new build was designed with more efficient and eco-smart roofing, whole neighborhoods and cities would see a significant increase in saved energy costs.

General contracting is concerned with the big picture, and often the smaller, more important details can be overlooked or dismissed as insignificant. By focusing on residential roofing solutions that create a more ecologically sound build, general contracting companies can take giant strides in making big differences for the better of the environment.


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