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Transitional design

Most homeowners have heard of home staging when selling their home. However, many have never considered it for living in their home. Interior designers can offer many benefits to the homeowner by providing home staging. Home staging involves value enhancing interior design and choose the best pieces of furniture and artwork that really pull the room?s design together. Home staging can also provide the homeowner with the following perks.

A comfortable and relaxing home space

The overall look and design of a home can play an important role in increasing comfort and relaxation. A survey by HomeGoods found that 9% of Americans have not updated their home decor in more than 10 years, and almost half (47%) have not in the last five years. Outdated and dull room designs can actually add stress to the house. Professional home designers, however, are familiar with the best relaxation designs, including the most relaxing colors and styles to incorporate for optimal comfort.

The ability to create a desired look

While many homeowners know what they like, many are unable to successfully create that design. They may get overwhelmed when it comes to choosing furniture, paint colors, or art work. Also, home design trends come and go. Choosing a room look that is likely to be out of style within a couple of months will do little in terms of improving satisfaction of the overall design. According to a recent Houzz decorating survey, of those hiring a professional for their renovation project, one third plan to hire an interior designer or decorator to help them from start to finish.

An increase in the home?s value

The overall design of a home can affect its value. When buyers come to look at the house, they imagine themselves living in it. If the designs are outdated and dull, they are going to offer less, if they even make an offer. However, if the designs are current and meet a wide variety of people?s needs and preferences, they are much more likely to put in an offer, at a higher price. Value enhancing interior design is the specific skill of making design changes to a home, in order to increase its price. Home value is all about demand. Professional interior designers know what is currently in demand.

Cut home remodeling costs

Not only do value enhancing interior designs produce a higher value, they can also cut home remodeling costs. Interior designers have connections with many local home furnishing stores. Before they frequently purchase from these stores, they can get significant discounts. These discounts are often passed onto the home owner. The homeowner can get more affordable high end furniture and upscale table top accessories.

Improve the efficiency of the home

Certain housing features, including lighting can add to both the design and the functionality of the home. There are three basic types of lighting for the interior of the home, ambient lighting, task lighting, and accent lighting. Successful home design is about more than look and value enhancing interior design. It is also about choosing a home design that improves the efficiency of the home. For example, choosing task lighting for a kitchen may not be beneficial. Professional interior designers are knowledgeable in both look and efficiency.

Professional home staging services are often used when selling a home. Homeowners who use those same staging services for living are likely to feel more comfortable, relaxed, and satisfied with their homes. Additionally, professional interior designers can improve the value of the home with the designs, choose designs that are also efficient, and significantly cut the costs of home remodeling and furnishing.


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