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It is a little strange to admit, but the fact that the beeping of the front loader backing up woke you up this morning was pretty exciting. In fact, ever since the last hail storm came through four months ago the sound of lowboy trailers driving over the neighborhood speed bumps and front end loaders unloading shingles has been a constant. For your house, however, those sounds had not yet begun. Your neighbors have had roofs replaced already, but it took your insurance adjuster three weeks to even come out.
Once he adjuster finally arrived, though, the decision to replace the entire roof was pretty fast. The husband and wife adjuster team announced that they were going to look around and find all of the damage that they could find and make sure it was documented. Without the documentation, the adjusters explained, the insurance company cannot pay for the damage upfront.

And while you thought that the roof was the only part of your house that had suffered damage, it turns out that there were other problems as well. In fact, most of the windows on the back of the house would be replaced. Originally, the window companies tried to just replace the cladding, but when they found these fixes could not be guaranteed, now they are saying the cladding replacement was not working and they were not able to warranty their windows. the window repair services use a combination of loaders, lifts, and scaffolds to reach the very high second story windows, and the process of replacing an entire window is often easier than trying to replace just the cladding.
The fact that the loader is waking you up this morning means that you will finally be getting a new roof means that you should be able to avoid any damage from the upcoming fall rains and winter snows. As the team climbed to the peaks and began tearing off the old shingles, you heard conversations that although the four year old roof had really good shingles, when you get hail that big no kind of shingle survives. In fact, the construction crew leader said that it was beat up pretty good up here. There were even a couple of spots where the hail went clear through the shingle into the mat. All of these conversations were just further confirmation as to why the adjusters recommended full roof replacement. Fortunately, the previous roof included an ice and water shield so you would be getting that this time as well.
Roof Replacements Require a Variety of Heavy Equipment Pieces
From the day that the materials are delivered to your house, a roof replacement project involves several workers and, often, a number of pieces of heavy equipment as well. Although a single roof replacement job on a residential property may not seem like a very big job, residential work plays a significant part in the overall construction industry in America. Consider some of these statistics:

  • With a 10% market share, the U.S. is the second largest construction market in the world.
  • 7. 8 million production workers make up the construction industry in America.
  • Although the residential and commercial construction industry can seem pretty varied, the fact of the matter is that the U.S. construction machinery manufacturing industry is highly concentrated, with 90% of the industry revenue being generated by a group of just 50 top companies.
  • 8.7 million Americans worked in the construction industry as of the year 2010, according to the National Association of Home Builders. These construction workers build residential, commercial, and industrial buildings.
  • The global construction equipment market is estimated to reach $145.5 billion by the year 2015.
  • Although the definition and purpose of many construction jobs have stayed the same for the last few decades, one trend that is boosting the entire construction industry is a move toward environmentally products and practices. For instance, in the residential construction sector, green building currently accounts for 26% to 33% of the total residential market and has helped contribute to the industry’s recession recovery, according to Dodge Data and Analytics.

Your one small roofing project is a very small part of an increasingly large construction industry in the U.S.


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