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Summer is going by fast, but it’s not over yet. For some — namely burnt out gardeners — fall cannot come soon enough. There are ways to beat the mid-summer funk, however, and get the most out of your garden while you still can. Try these off-the-wall tactics to get you, and your garden, up and running again.

Lasagna: It’s Not Just a Tasty Meal Option

Gardeners are completely changing the way they do things, and they’re getting some pretty amazing results, too. A new method of planting, called lasagna gardening, “involves layering organic materials on top of the ground to improve one’s soil and create a rich environment for plants to grow in,” according to The Spokesman Review. Some adventurous gardeners even skip the soil altogether. Mary Lee Gaston from Spokane, Washington shares the materials she used to create a mound for lasagna gardening: a layer of newspaper, cardboard, and dry leaves and pine needles, all topped with a layer of composted chicken manure.

Try Something New

“Give up on beleaguered early season crops like lettuce and peas, and plant some late-season offerings so you restore some novelty. Some fall-loving kale, spinach or colorful Swiss chard will take off where your arugula bolted,” The Star Tribune writes. Look for clearance sales at your local gardening center for the best deals on something new. Choose from wholesale garden tools to keep costs low. (In the U.S., companies specializing in wholesale power tools and wholesale tools for resale employ 10,197 people and bring in an estimated $3 billion per year. Wholesale garden tools certainly count, and you should be able to find reasonably priced equipment for gardening.)

Work Up An Appetite

Use your wholesale hand tools to sow the ingredients for a brand new recipe, and particularly one you have been craving. Consider whipping up some basil aioli, for example. The sauce combines lemon, basil, garlic, and mayonnaise to spruce up grilled meat and fish.

Breathe fresh life into your garden. Plant new crops, try a new gardening method (with a little help from used tools or wholesale accessories markets), or invest time in a particular plant or herb for a specific, mouth-watering recipe.


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