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From rats to rodents to roaches, most people have some type of struggle with a variety of pests that are ravaging their homes or yards. Yet, there are some people who cringe at the suggestion of pest control. It’s a common misconception that pests only affect the residences of poor housekeepers. If you keep up with your dishes and wipe your countertops down, then you can avoid pests. Unfortunately, this is rarely the case even though keeping your home clean isn’t a bad idea and can reduce the infestation of certain pests.

The reality is that pest extermination goes far beyond eliminating rats and roaches. There are many different types of pests that can wreak havoc on even the most well-kept properties. It’s important to understand the diverse array of pests, and how pest extermination service near me can be of assistance in each situation.

Rodent Removal

Rats are often associated with filthy, cluttered properties, but much to your dismay, you may discover that you have encountered your own rodent problem and wonder why. Often, people attempt to address the issues of rodents by no longer leaving food out and setting up mouse traps. Although these methods are useful, they aren’t always completely successful. Even adopting a cat to handle a rodent infestation has limitations, as mice are able to hide in places that cats are incapable of accessing.

Rodent problems can happen to anyone, regardless of where they live. In urban communities, your high-rise building may already have a pre-existing issue with rodents that eat through drywall to move between apartments. Rural folks frequently encounter issues with field mice. Looking up a pest extermination service near me can lead you to a pest exterminator that specializes in rodent removal.

Bed Bug Extermination

So, you fell in love with that couch you found on E-bay and had to have it, but along with the couch came millions of microscopic pests known as bed bugs. Most people are fortunate enough to avoid bed bug infestations by purchasing furnishings, bedding, and brand-new clothing and running items through a hot cycle in the dryer after returning from vacations. Yet, some people don’t even consider the possibility of bed bugs and fail to take precautions, while others end up with a hellacious infestation despite having been careful.

Your fifth-grader could inadvertently bring bed bugs home after a slumber party. Your Aunt Susie may have bed bugs hidden in her luggage when she visits over the holidays. That swanky resort where you spent your last anniversary may have had bed bugs embedded in the hotel mattress. It’s unreasonable to go through life obsessively fearful of something you can barely see until the day comes when you can’t relax in your recliner after work without hundreds of itchy red bites.

Aside from running your clothes and towels through the dryer or simply placing everything you own on the curbside for the garbage man to haul off, so you can start fresh, there’s very little that you can accomplish without a bed bug exterminator. If you encounter bed bugs, you’ll definitely be requesting the next available appointment from the pest extermination service near me ASAP.

Fleas and Ticks

If you are a pet owner or the previous tenant of your apartment owned a pet, you are likely to develop an issue with fleas and ticks. Although these pests tend to be drawn more to the members of your family that have fur, they can also jump on and bite human residents as well. Additionally, ticks can carry Lyme disease, which could potentially affect the health of all members of your household.

Of course, you can sprinkle flea powder on your carpet before vacuuming and buy flea collars for your cats and dogs. And even though your pet may object to the idea of bathing, flea baths are another method of pest control that pet owners use, but through utilizing a pest extermination service near me, you can take further steps to prevent your little dog Max from dragging pests into your home after a run in the backyard.

Your local animal clinic may be a surprising yet useful resource for pest extermination service near me. A veterinarian can treat your pets for any health conditions caused by pests and further advise you on how to eliminate the impact of fleas and ticks to ensure the health and well-being of your pets and the other members of your family in the future.

Wasp and Bee Control

Oh, and hornets, too! Aside from mosquitos, nothing ruins the enjoyment of your backyard or patio more than a bee’s nest. It is an unpleasant experience to not be able to step out onto your porch for a quick smoke without being ravaged by bees, wasps, and hornets. You can forget about bringing out a soda or cold glass of sweet tea onto your patio on a hot day. These pests seem to be attracted to sugary substances and if you’re not careful, you will be swallowing a bee when you take that next sip of lemonade, which will have you running back indoors, grabbing your cell phone, and reaching out to a pest control service near me in a heartbeat

You may have watched television programs that have portrayed beekeepers wearing a level of protective equipment that made them appear as though they were entering a toxic waste plant rather than handling a beehive. Aside from it being common knowledge that bees sting and many people are allergic to these stings, the protective wear of beekeepers is evidence of the need to seek pest extermination service near me to have a professional resolve your bee control problems.

Wildlife Control

Those raccoons look absolutely adorable to many people until you are having a backyard barbeque and a raccoon sneaks up behind you and steals your T-bone steak when you aren’t paying attention. You may be so angry that you want to go into your bedroom, grab your twelve-gauge shotgun and solve the raccoon problem once and for all, while your animal rights-obsessed partner attempts to calm you down and throws another steak on the grill, telling you that the poor creature was probably just hungry.

Most likely, the raccoon was indeed hungry and not ill-intentioned although the masks over their eyes clearly show that they are burglars of sorts by nature. The issue is that if you feed them, they will keep returning and eventually reproduce. Not only will the become a continuous hassle for your household, but your garbage collector will also bear a large brunt of your problem with wildlife control.

Fortunately, a pest extermination service near me offers humane ways of eliminating vermin such as opossums and raccoons from your property. One effective method that may help keep raccoons at bay is fence installation. While these creatures are intelligent and can indeed climb trees, it’s unlikely that they’ll scale a fence. If fence installation fails to do the trick, a pest extermination service near me that specializes in wildlife control can capture raccoons, opossums, and even stray cats and humanely relocate the colony and effectively eliminate the problem.

Finally, you’ll experience huge relief when you can enjoy your next outdoor meal without looking over your shoulders for furry thieves. No longer will you have to repeatedly re-bag your garbage and place it back in the bin every morning to avoid dirty looks from your garbage collector. The city workers will be eternally grateful that you reached out to the pest extermination service near me and resolved the neighborhood issue with wildlife control. The only downside is that, since the colonies are often relocated rather than euthanized, another neighborhood across town may now struggle with a regular battle over their steak dinner.

Ant Control

Although ants are primarily an outdoor pest control issue that leads you to step around any anthills you notice and forbid your children from playing outside in the backyard barefooted, occasionally, you may notice a steady stream of small ants entering through a small crack in your kitchen window and walking in a line along with your countertops. Yes, ants can make their way indoors and pest extermination service near me can usually remedy the indoor ant control problems with ease.

But what about the backyard? It’s nearly impossible to completely eliminate ants from outdoor environments, although there are products on the market that you can use to spray on your patio or sprinkle on anthills. Proper landscape maintenance is a key factor in reducing the ant population on your property. Well-tended lawns and gardens and shrubbery that are mulched are less appealing places for ants to build hills as there’s not a large area of dirt on the top layer of your landscaping.

Pest control goes beyond bug spraying and putting up traps. While taking care of your home and property won’t make you immune from developing a pest control issue, it does reduce your risk and affects the level of infestation if you were to encounter a problem with pests.

Roach Control

Back to the beginning, when we think of pests, roach infestations are what often come to mind, but as you now see, there are actually many types of pests that can infiltrate your home. That said, roaches are a common problem in households even when cleanliness is valued. You can quickly end up with your home completely infested with cockroaches simply because you borrowed your neighbor’s toaster, and they had a roach problem.

Although there are multiple products on the shelves of your local grocery store that claim to combat roach infestations, roaches multiply so quickly that it is strongly advised that you seek pest elimination services near me for professional assistance in evicting these nasty pests.


No, they don’t bite, and you rarely see them except for discarded wings lying upon your windowsill during termite swarm season. Many households are negatively affected by termites without even knowing it. Homes that have been built using wood or that contain wooden beams for support are subject to eventual termite damage. Mobile homes which are usually built using thin wooden paneling on the interior portion of the trailer can become destroyed due to untreated termite infestation.

A professional pest control service would need to come out and evaluate your home to definitively determine whether you have a termite problem and what the extent of the damage is, but you may notice some signs of possible termites on your own, such as wings at certain times of the year or your wooden cabinetry appears to be damaged, either by water or termites. Tunneling through wooden support beams and paneling is often a sure sign of termites. Although termites are often successfully exterminated through the process of tenting, you may need additional home remodeling to repair the damage that’s already been done.

Contact Pest Extermination Service Near Me Today

Pest control problems aren’t necessarily a reflection of poor housekeeping skills. Anyone can encounter an issue with pests infiltrating their home or yard, but there are precautions that can be taken to reduce the risk of developing issues with pests. Regularly spraying, do-it-yourself products, flea collars, veterinary visits for your pets, drying clothes on a hot cycle after vacationing, proper landscape maintenance, and keeping up with housework are all good pieces of advice in tackling the never-ending battle between pests and humanity. But sometimes that isn’t enough.

If your own efforts at eliminating pests don’t seem to be getting the job done, a professional pest extermination service near me can help in ridding your home of these unwanted guests for good, so that you may resume enjoying your home and property.




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