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Great central air conditioning and heating systems can often last for years on end without breaking down. That said, even the best HVAC systems may someday require repair. That’s why we’re going to take a look at some of the most common AC problems. Fortunately, with the right AC repair services, you may be able to extend the life and efficiency of your AC system.

The most common AC problem is perhaps a bad capacitor inside the condenser unit.

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Sometimes the capacitor will bulge out of the top of the AC unit, but other times they look perfectly fine. Proper AC maintenance may extend the life of your capacitor. Dirty coils and filters, on the other hand, may cause your capacitor to fail.

Burnt-out condenser fan motors are also a common AC repair. Fan motors can last for years but over time they’ll slowly be worn down. While proper maintenance may keep your fans spinner for longer, the day may come when it needs to be outright replaced.

Problems with wires and wire connectors are also common. Fortunately, a good AC repair technician can check on wires and the like. Sometimes, an AC repair service tech may recommend replacing wires while fixing other problems.


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