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The video talks about two types of garage doors which are canopy-like doors and retractable doors. It explains how canopy garage doors are automated and how retractable doors can either be manual or automated. It tells you how the canopy garage door has a steel frame fitting between the rails on the brick pairs.

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The video addresses how a retractable garage door has a framework that is permanently in place and supports the door. If you ever want to have a garage door with automated doors, you’d need to go for that. They are efficient, they can be easily opened and they work with less stress. These garage doors are easy to operate and can be quickly closed. They are a suitable type for most households as they are a simple type but efficient. Maintenance on these garage doors is easy and simple as there’s little that can possibly go wrong. Most households prefer the up and over garage doors, because they are extremely secure and they are a great choice no matter what.


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