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Wood beam repair

Given a variety of circumstances, homeowners may choose to raise, lift, or relocate their house. In some instances, a house’s foundation may become cracked and need to be repaired or entirely replaced. When homeowners live in areas that experience severe weather storms, they may want to elevate their houses to do as much as possible to prevent flooding. There may come a time as well, when homeowners inherit or decide to purchase land. When this occurs, they may want to relocate their existing house to another region or state.

Repairing a House’s Foundation

Have you noticed that there are cracks in your home’s foundation? If these are wider then one fourth of an inch, then experts recommend having them fixed. While it does depend on where these cracks are located, your house may need to be lifted in order to repair the damage. A complete foundation installation may be recommended if there are a series of these cracks or other issues. If the area in which you live has suffered considerable erosion, the best course of action may be a shoring up your house and having a complete foundation installation.

Elevating a House to Prevent Flooding

Is your house located in an area that experiences inclement weather or in a potential flood zone? If you’re looking for ideas to protect your home from flooding, you may want to consider having it elevated three to four feet above ground level. While having a new foundation installation is one way to accomplish this, another way is to raise the flooring. This may work well if the first floor of your home has high ceilings.

Did you know that house elevation doesn’t usually make a difference in its overall appearance? After your house is elevated, you may just need to hire a landscaper to take care of a few small projects and regrading. While it will depend on the size and shape of your lot and other factors, your landscaper will ensure that the soil around your foundation slopes a minimum of six inches for every ten horizontal feet. If you want to have plants, a landscaper will place these at least two feet away from your foundation. They will also put them low enough so that water isn’t directed toward the foundation.

You may be interested to know that it is less expensive to raise a house rather than build on top of the existing structure. When you opt for raising your house, it can cost up to 50% less than having a second or third floor added.

Moving Your House

Are you planning to move your house? If you’ve purchased or inherited land, you may decide to relocate and move your existing house. In the event that you live in an area that has been flooded, you may also choose to move your existing house to an area further away from a potential flood zone. You are likely aware that floods are the number-one disaster in the United States. The National Flood Insurance Program reported that claims for this type of disaster alone average over $3 billion every year.

In the event that you want to relocate and bring your house with you, there are are a few important things to do prior to the movers arriving. In addition to having all of your utilities disconnected, you’ll need to clear a minimum of ten feet around the house for the excavation process. If you have any plants or trees, these need to be removed as well. After all of these preliminary steps are taken care of, the house moving companies will take over. While your house is in the process of being moved, contractors will take care of the foundation installation at the new location.

Learn More About Available Services

In addition to the above, there are other services available that may be of interest to you. If your house has sustained structural damage, for example, you may need wood beam repair or window sill replacements. It makes sense to consult with your local house raising and moving companies to learn more about what they can do to ensure that your home is in good repair and safe for you and your family.


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