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If your HVAC system has had frequent breakdowns, it is time to get a new HVAC system. An ac heating and cooling unit have a life expectancy of around 15 years. The AC units are mostly replaced first, with the furnaces lasting a bit longer. However, for the best performance, you need to replace the entire HVAC system at the same time. An ac ventilation system should be replaced if it no longer keeps up with indoor air quality. One of the key things to consider when upgrading your HVAC is the efficiency of the HVAC system.

Choose the highest-efficiency HVAC system as it is more cost-effective. Also, you need to buy the right size system for your home. Getting oversized equipment may not provide the exact comfort level that you may be looking for. An oversized air conditioner and ventilation system tend to cycle too frequently, thus reducing its life span. You can consult your contractor to know the right size of an AC heating and cooling unit for your home. Your contractor should consider insulation, tree coverage, and sun exposure to get the right AC unit with gas heat for your home.

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There are some statistics that are worth noting as well. They are:

  • 25% of your home?s heat is lost through cracks and holes.
  • Improper equipment installation could decrease efficiency by 30%.
  • As recently as 1993, only 68% of all occupied housing units had AC.
  • 66% of all homes in the United States have air conditioners.
  • Air conditioners use about 5% of all the electricity produced.
  • HVAC takes a 43% bite from your monthly utility bill.
  • Americans spend about 2.7% of their income on energy bills.
  • Air conditioning units last between 10-15 years.

Consider this scenario. A person is outdoors in the heat of summer working on the lawn. He or she is sweating, getting exhausted, and the heat wave is just beginning. They are drinking water but not enough. The sun is reaching full strength, the temperature becoming over 100 degrees, and the person is still working.

They begin to get dizzy, disoriented. They’re struggling to work but still managing. They get a headache and then their vision goes double. They’ve stopped sweating and suddenly feel dry. They need to get inside.

The person in this situation is suffering from sunstroke. Sunstroke is a serious issue that likely affects millions of Americans every year. A person who experiences sunstroke will experience many of those symptoms, sometimes more. And the main thing to combat it is to drink fluids and get to a cold place to lie down.

While most outdoor settings for work have a place to get a little cooler, a person outdoors working on the lawn may not have that option. That is because they have failed to maintain their HVAC system. They are without air-conditioning. Their house is hot and they have trouble cooling down. This is a serious situation.

HVAC stands for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning and controls the quality and temperature within a house. The heating portion comes from a furnace which delivers hot air into the home. The ventilation is composed of ducts and air filters that move or filter air into the home. The air conditioning system is composed of a unit outside the home.

There are many houses in the United States that don’t have air conditioning or heating elements. In these cases, it is possible to have HVAC installation by a technician to be able to give them that temperature controlling force. HVAC installation is generally an expensive job, making it difficult for many to afford it.

HVAC installation involves a lot of moving parts. There is the furnace, the air conditioning unit, and a possible cleaning of the ducts. It is also possible that a house may not have ducts to work with, in which they will be installed. HVAC installation is likely a time consuming process.

An HVAC system is crucial for heat during the winter and cool during the summer. Both seasons have extreme temperatures, with some temperatures rising above 100 degrees and other temperatures getting lower than 0 degrees. The HVAC system provides the temperature to be able to combat those extremes.

An air conditioning unit is one of the prime things that needs to be maintained during the summer. If it goes out, at the least the person will experience discomfort in the home. At worst, they are at risk for sunstroke or heatstroke. An air conditioning unit works by pulling hot air from the outside, cooling it, and sending it into the home.

An HVAC system helps regulate the temperature and air quality within a home. The temperature gets regulated by the furnace and the air conditioning unit, while the air filters regulate the quality of the air. It is helpful to keep them well maintained as they may go out and cause trouble.

There are many problems that could go wrong with it, but contacting a technician can help.


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