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Home renovation and design

Over half of American homeowners are thinking about a major home remodel, and the news is good. New “design and build contractors” are revolutionizing the home remodeling process, making it easier for homeowners to fund and develop home design and renovation projects.

In the past, homeowners would go through the process, get information about architects, and then pick a contractor to carry out the house renovation design ideas they had been presented by the designer or contemporary architect.

With homeowners demanding more from their home renovations, design and build companies are taking over. Not only do these companies provide ideas for home renovation, they are then responsible for the implementation of all designs, functioning as both designer and contractor.

Homeowners can manage one set of employees, work gets done more quickly and with less conflict, and often work to manage the costs involved in the home remodeling process.

Bathrooms and kitchens continue to be the most popular rooms requested for a top-to-bottom redesign, but outdoor spaces like decks and patios are gaining rapidly.

Not only are comfort and overall aesthetic value important when considering a major home renovation and design change, but as Baby Boomers age, they are increasingly requesting wheelchair-accessible spaces that can accommodate them as they age gracefully and are able to stay in their own homes.

Design and build contractors work to make the home remodeling process easier, faster, and more efficient and satisfying for the homeowner. For environmental remodels, unique historical projects, and even a deck or patio, design and build contractors can provide house renovation design ideas and may be able to incorporate savings as well.


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July 2024