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Stamped colored concrete patios

Most people are aware of the basic techniques to a beautiful entertaining backyard. You need a yard that is well maintained, has plenty of seating, and is comfortable, despite the temperature. How can you take that entertaining yard to the next level though? What little additions and features can you add to increase the comfort and entertainment?

Comfortable seating
Everyone has been to a BBQ where they were forced to sit in hard, folding chairs on the grass. Your shoes get muddy from sitting in the dirt for so long and the folding chairs are not very comfortable. Comfortable seating not only increases the comfort of your guests but also makes your yard look nicer. Building a small patio or deck can also give your guests a place to sit away from the grass. Additionally, adding a deck to your home may help to sell it. Houses with patios are moving the market. Some 96,000 houses with patios were sold in 2014, up from 59,000 houses in 2010. Patios give you the perfect starting point for an outdoor entertaining space and can easily be built with a concrete overlay.

Updated driveway and sidewalks
Although updating your driveway and sidewalk cement stamping will not necessarily improve comfort, it will increase the overall look of your backyard. Use decorative concrete patterns or concrete overlays for a unique look. Carry this same concrete overlay pattern from the driveway to the front and backyard sidewalks. You will also find that using different stamped concrete colors will entirely change up the look of your yard. It may also be more affordable than a traditional concrete overlay. Decorative concrete often ends up being less expensive compared to using natural stone, brick, or pavers. It ranges from $4 a square foot for plain to $15 and up, per square foot for stamped, colored, or aggregate.

Plenty of lighting
Lighting is important for a beautiful and comfortable outdoor entertainment space. Many BBQ events will go into the dark, well after the sun has set. Your guests are more likely to be comfortable and stay longer if there is a good source of light. Additional lighting also helps you relax and enjoy the warm summer and fall nights. The best lighting are lights that you do not have to physically turn on and off, such as solar lights. These lights naturally work off of the sun?s light and will turn themselves on and off. You can also install a fireplace to use on chillier nights.

Regular landscaping
You don?t want your outdoor party to be ruined with excessive bugs or overgrown grass. Schedule weekly landscaping visits even during the fall months. This will ensure that your backyard is always ready for entertaining. Approximately 83% of Americans think having a yard is important and 90% of those with a yard think it is important that it is also well maintained. Your weekly landscaping visits should also include a pesticide service of some type. Pests will make nests and turn your backyard into a home and can quickly take over your entertainment space.

Many Americans enjoy spending time and entertaining outdoors. However, in order to have an ideal outdoor entertainment space, you need to ensure that your yard is well maintained. Updating other aspects of the yard, including the seating, the driveways and sidewalks, and adding a good amount of lighting can help to increase the comfort and entertainment value of the yard. Also remember to keep up with weekly landscaping and pest treatment.


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