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One of the advantages of winter is that the cold weather reduces the amount of bugs and rodents that wreak havoc on our yards and houses. However, before winter comes fall. You are likely to see an increase in both pests and rodents during the fall season. As the weather gets colder, these pesky bugs move toward warmer weather, which is usually your house. You may find that that commercial pest control services are more important than ever during the cooler, fall months.

Get rid of pest and rodent breeding environments

Pests and rodents migrate toward areas with good food and shelter. If you have tall weeds or long grass areas, it is likely that these areas are breeding grounds for either pests or rodents. As fall gets closer, schedule your professional weed service to remove these areas from your property. If you are able to get them out before the weather gets too cold, you are likely to have less of a pest or rodent problem. Make sure your professional weed service includes all troublesome areas on your property. Bugs and rodents can move further than you think. For example, a rat?s territory or home range is generally within a 50 foot to 150 foot radius of the nest, while a mouse usually lives within a 10 foot to 30 foot radius of the nest.

Apply a barrier to your home

Most homeowners spray for bugs during the spring season. It can be helpful to also spray for bugs come fall. It has been many months since the initial spray and most of the barrier is already removed by now. Make sure to spray all entrance ways including doors, windows, and cracks. Apply extra bug spray to areas that lead out to high grasses or where you recently scheduled the professional weed services. It is best to spray before your professional weed services, as the bugs and rodents will leave their home looking for a new place to build a nest.

Be aware of common fall insects

Although you can see an overpopulation of any bug or rodent during the fall months, there are a few that are especially common. Bee control, for example, may be necessary during the fall. Bees tend to reproduce and come out in large populations during the cooler months. They are also attracted to fall flowers, pumpkins, and ciders, making them a common fall pest. Bees can be damaging to your flowers and can be dangerous to those allergic to their stings. The best way to get rid of a bee problem is to schedule an exterminator for a bee spray.

Keep up with flea preventatives

Another common pest during the fall months is fleas. Pets may spend more time outdoors because of the cooler temperatures and many pet owners stop flea preventatives in the cooler months. This can actually be a big mistake. Fleas are as present as ever in the fall months and your pet may actually be more prone to bringing fleas indoors. Additionally, fleas are excellent jumpers, leaping vertically up to 7 inches and horizontally 13 inches. With over 1600 fleas identified throughout the world, about 95% of them live on mammals and 50% live on birds. The best way to prevent fleas is with a monthly flea preventative.

The fall is full of cooler weather and apple picking. It is also full of pests and rodents, many of which will find their way into warmer temperatures, your house. You can begin to prevent this by removing the nests and environment of these pests. Also, remember to spray your home for pests and ensure that your indoor pets are kept up with their flea medicines. With a little planning, you can get through the fall months without an abundance of pests.


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