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Trees are beautiful things. There are so many ways in which they give us joy when we see the vast majority of types gently blowing in the wind. We know from our scientific studies that trees help keep the air we breathe breathable. They provide us with shade and, depending on the tree, food and shelter.

There is not much that a tree needs, really. Dirt, water, and sunlight are three of the big things. But, they give us many amazing benefits. They can cut energy bills, help the animals in the environment, and even give our homes a good bit of curb appeal.

Here are three reasons you should plant trees and shrubs around your property, whether it be residential or commercial.

1.) You will save on your energy bills.

When you find shrubs and trees for sale, buy them, and bring them home, you are one step closer to lowering your energy bills. If you plant those shrubs and trees in the right locations, you can expect a savings of roughly 25% by lowering your costs of air conditioning and fuel. Deciduous trees that shed their leaves every year can block out hot rays of the sun during the summer, allowing your house to stay cool through those hot days.

2.) You will raise your property value.

When you plant trees and shrubs around your home or business, you are actually raising the value of your property. You can see an increase in value by as much as 12%. According to researchers from the University of Washington, commercial offices that sport quality landscaping command a higher rental rate of up to 7% higher than without the landscaping.

Where you find trees for sale, you will often also find hardscape materials you can use to accentuate the natural materials. Creating something beautiful as well as functional is what buyers are looking for when they are ready to purchase a new location.

3.) You are contributing to the aid of the environment.

One of the reasons you might see trees for sale at local nurseries in the suburbs is that the suburbs need to plant more trees. When building communities, we often times disrupt the natural environment around us by taking down trees and cutting up natural vegetation.

When you find trees and shrubs for sale and plant them strategically around your property, you are aiding the environment in re-establishing itself. You are providing homes for wildlife that might not otherwise stick around. This is the kind of work that contributes to the community and the world at the same time. Trees and shrubs are beautiful, they help you save money on your energy costs, and they contribute toward a healthy, happy environment. What could be better?


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