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How much preparation have you done for the summer? Every year, it seems like everyone has loads of time to prepare for the warm summer months — and then they?re gone in a flash, with some of your planning never realized — and you?ll need to wait for another year to pass.

It doesn?t need to be that way this summer. Are you looking for a way to get ahead of your planning? Follow this checklist of common summer must-dos so that you take full advantage of that spike in sunshine.

1. Plant Your Vegetables Now

Did you know that 36 million Americans are now growing food in their garden? Many people get in a gardening mood when summer strikes — however, it?s important to note that you need to start planting seeds now, rather than several weeks for now, or your plants won?t have enough time to grow and become radishes, tomatoes, beans etc. Check the back of your seed or seedling instructions and purchase any necessary fertilizer, etc. ahead of time. Some plants can begin growth later in the season, but many need these early months to plant roots.

2. Consider Your Options for Backyard Entertaining

If you plan to have more people over this summer, now is the time to start planning for it — it?s a great time to have contractors over if you?re interested in something like setting up an outdoor kitchen or patio, for example. Most people will be looking to make small steps to make their outdoors more livable — what about having an outdoor fire pit, for example? The heat from a fire can keep away pesky insects and also encourage people to stay outside later. Check your patio furniture in the spring — is it all intact, or does your wicker chair have holes in it and need to be replaced?

3. Air Conditioning Repairs

Did you know that 66% of American homes have air conditioning? Most experts recommend having your HVAC unit checked two times every year — once in the spring, and again in the fall. Having an air conditioning company check out your unit now can avoid having it fail in the middle of a heat wave, and air conditioning repairs can help you save money on your energy bills as well. Air conditioning services can ensure that you have clean air, too!

Will you be opting for a fire pit, HVAC services, or veggies?


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