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Handicapped bathrooms scottsdale

Bathrooms have unique challenges when it comes to mobility issues because wheelchairs and walkers have trouble fitting in the tight spaces. Installing handicapped bathrooms in the home can improve the quality of life for those who live there. A bathroom contractor can review your needs, design a plan, and execute it so everyone inside the home is comfortable getting in and out of the bathroom on a daily basis. The following are some guidelines to think about when talking to your contractor about your bathroom remodeling plan.

Bathroom Sink
A standard bathroom sink is 31 inches, so for a person with a wheelchair or a walker the sink should be slightly higher at 34 inches. There will be no need to bend over, which can cause balance issues, when using the appropriate sink height in handicapped bathrooms. Therefore, when looking through different sink options, it is important to keep this in mind and look for slightly taller sinks.

The shower can cause all sorts of difficulties for people with mobility issues. One thing to think about is a shower without a curb when designing handicap bathrooms. This way, wheelchairs can easily be rolled near the shower for a comfortable transfer. Another option is a walk-in bathtub and shower combination that has a vacuum seal door. This is the perfect option in a bathroom remodeling design for those who still want to take a bath without having to worry about getting up and down.

Also in the shower, your contractor may go over showerhead designs with you. A handheld shower head hose option is ideal. Most of the time, the shower hose sits four feet off the floor and slides up to six feet high. These can be paired with traditional shower heads too, depending on your preference.

During your bathroom remodeling planning, it is important to think about where the toilet will be placed. It should be between two support bars that are 36 inches apart. For handicapped bathrooms, the ideal height of a toilet is 17 inches off the floor. This will be a comfortable height for everyone in the home.

Bathroom remodeling is one of the biggest return of investments that you can do for your home. Furthermore, making it accessible to everyone will not make you more comfortable, it will open up the entire space as well.


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