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Outdoor living companies

Curb appeal is often one of the most important considerations for homebuyers. After all, if your home does not look good from the outside, it may turn off some people from ever wanting to see the inside. Real estate agents almost universally agree that landscaping improvements are one of the most important things you can do to increase your home’s value when looking to sell. Furthermore, landscape improvements are worth the money you spend, improving your home’s value by nearly 15% and garnering a return on investment anywhere from 150% to 215%. Here are some landscaping improvements you can make to your home to help increase its value.

Hiring a landscaping company can be well worth the money you spend. Commercial landscaping firms can make improvements such as plantings that will greatly improve the look of your home. Commercial landscaping companies can also help improve your lawn by reseeding or resodding to fill in bare spots. Many landscaping firms also do irrigation systems, which are an improvement that many homebuyers covet.

Turning your backyard into a getaway space is another way to improve your home’s resale value. Such a project can be as involved as installing an outdoor kitchen, complete with grill, hearth and countertop space or it can be as simple as putting in some pavers and decorative lighting. Keep in mind that the extent of what you do will dictate costs as well as increased resale value. Putting in an outdoor kitchen or adding a deck will cost thousands of dollars, but it will add thousands of dollars in value to your home. Doing a minor project such as adding pavers and lighting will only cost a few thousand dollars, but it will only add a small amount to your home’s value.

Sometimes all you need to improve your home’s curb appeal is to make some minor fixes to your home’s exterior. For example, if your gutters are sagging or your downspouts have fallen off, it can really make your home look in disrepair, even if everything else on your home is perfect. The same goes for cracked and peeling paint and cracks in your sidewalk and driveway. Taking the time to make these small fixes can make a huge difference in how your home is perceived by buyers and how much money you can get for it.


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