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From commercial HVAC systems to residential HVAC system, there is no doubt about it that heating and cooling services have become hugely important here in the United States (as well as in many other places all throughout the world). After all, winters can be absolutely frigid in many parts of the United States and having a working heating system is nothing if not essential. Not having one can even be considered to be dangerous, as temperatures can drop to be very low on some nights, leaving those without heating or proper heating services to even risk freezing to death. The summers too can be very extreme. Though some parts of the country will experience relatively mild summers (just as other parts tend to experience mild winters instead), some areas of the United States become scorching. While other methods of cooling can be used to prevent heat related illnesses like heat stroke and the like, air conditioning is by and large the most vastly effective. In fact, air conditioning has become so popular that more than half of all households in the United States – two thirds of them, to be more exact – now have some kind of air conditioning system.

Taking care of your residential or commercial HVAC system is incredibly important, or else you run the risk of it ceasing to function in the way that it should be, something that could even wind up compromising your safety (such as in the case of your heating system going out in the middle of a snowstorm or similar scenarios). In order to keep both residential HVAC systems as well as commercial HVAC systems in good working order, they should be serviced at least once a year, though it is often even recommended that they be serviced twice in one year. Regular filter changing is also important for air conditioning systems, though the home owner or business owner is usually able to do this part of maintenance by his or herself. It is important to note that these filters should not go longer than three months before being changed, as this can lead to a considerable amount of build up as well as an overall reduction in the efficiency of the system, something that will end up costing your far more money in the long run than simply taking the time and the money to purchase new air filters and to change them out in your air conditioning unit or system.

This all might sound like it will cost you money, but it will actually save you a good deal of money in the long run. After all, regular servicing will keep your residential or commercial HVAC system going for longer. In fact, data very much backs this up, showing that in homes and even places of business that regularly had their residential and commercial HVAC systems serviced, these systems had extended and prolonged life spans by up to forty percent before needing to be replaced in comparison to other such HVAC systems that were not serviced on as regular of a basis as they should have been. HVAC companies know what they’re doing, and hiring an HVAC company to look at your residential or commercial HVAC system can be hugely instrumental in the quality of your system and of your machine. Without such servicing, problems are likely to develop and your energy bills are very likely to skyrocket, rising more and more over time the longer that you go before having your HVAC system serviced.

Your HVAC system matters, even if you do not give it much conscious thought as a part of your every day life. But heating and cooling services are essential to our comfort in many different parts of the United States – and sometimes are even essential to our safety. With as much as three fourths of all no heat calls found to be directly related to a lack of servicing on the heating systems in question, there is absolutely no doubt about it that regular HVAC system servicing is important and makes an impact.


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